How many enzymes are there? Name them

Asked by  | 30th Apr, 2012, 12:51: PM

Expert Answer:

Essentially there are three different kinds of enzymes, which are:

  • Food enzymes: These are found in raw foods.   
  • Digestive enzymes:  These help break food down into basic components so our body can absorb the nutrients that are required to build cells, maintain organs and repair tissue.  These types of enzymes are present in the digestive juices our body produces.  These enzymes include protease, amylase, lipase, invertase, lactase, pectinase etc. Digestive enzymes break down different food groups. 

(Carbohydrase breaks down starch to simple sugars. Protease breaks down protein to amino acids. Lipase breaks down lipids to fatty acids and glycerol.)

  • Metabolic enzymes: These enzymes enhance and support metabolic processes. They are made by the body and drive chemical reactions within the cells. 

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