how many electrons are there in two gram nitrate ion

Asked by Sumeet Sokhey | 31st Jan, 2012, 08:27: PM

Expert Answer:

The molar mass of nitrate ion is 62 g

So, the no. of moles will be= Grams/ molar mass= 2g/62g = 0.0322

Multiply this by Avogadro's number to get the number of atoms.

No. of atoms = 0.0322 X 6.023 X 1023  

 Multiply this by no. of electrons per nitrate ion to get the number of electrons in 2g of nitrate ion.

No. of electrons in 2 g nitrate ion = 32 X 0.0322 X 6.023 X 1023 = 6.206 X 1023  electrons

Answered by  | 1st Feb, 2012, 11:39: AM

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