how magnetic field is inversely proportional to distance?

Asked by schandrasekar20 | 29th Jul, 2014, 04:13: PM

Expert Answer:

We know that a current carrying wire produces magnetic field around it.When a current is passed through a conducting wire a magnetic field is produced around it. On mapping the magnetic field by means of a compass needle or iron filings we find that the magnetic field lines forms concentric circles around the wire with their plane perpendicular to the straight wire and with their centre lying on the wire.And it is found that the magnetic field lines at points near the wire are more and lie closer to each other while at points far away from the wire the magnetic field lines are lesser.
Thus we can conclude that the magnetic field lines are inversely proportional to distance,as we move away from the current carrying wire the concentric circles around it representing magnetic field lines becomes larger and larger indicating the decreasing strength of magnetic filed.

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 30th Jul, 2014, 11:01: AM