How living organisms depend on soil? R organisms that live in water totally independent of soil as a

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Expert Answer:

Healthy soil has food, air and water to help plants grow. The more nutrients available in the soil, the more the plant can take up. The more nutrients in the plant - the more available for animals and humans. The entire living world , directly or indirectly, are dependent on plants for their food.

A living soil is teeming with life, from earthworms, centipedes and beetles to fungi and bacteria. 


Soil, along with sunlight and water, feeds plants, houses organisms responsible for nutrient cycling, affects primary productivity, and influences plant community diversity.

Soil is also important for water organisms

Soils serve as an interface between the biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and solid Earth. They affect and are effected by life, air, and water.

Soils help regulate the flow of water and dissolved material on land and help filter groundwater.

Soils store and cycle nutrients.

Soils support trees, buildings, bridges, etc

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