how is water formed as a result of photosynthesis? explain the process for the formation of water molecule as a product of photosynthesis.

Asked by saibaba1069 | 13th May, 2020, 11:53: PM

Expert Answer:

The light reaction of photosynthesis occurs in two main steps:

(1) Activation of chlorophyll - On exposure to light energy, chlorophyll becomes activated by absorbing photons.

(2) Splitting of water - The absorbed energy is used in splitting the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen, releasing energy. This reaction is known as photolysis of water.
2H2Selina Solutions Icse Class 10 Biology Chapter - Photosynthesis 4H+ + 4e- + O2

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 14th May, 2020, 11:25: AM