How is time related to motion? Explain with example.

Asked by KSHITIJ AGRAWAL | 16th Nov, 2013, 05:32: PM

Expert Answer:

The movement of the body is called motion.
A comman characteristic of all moving bodies is that they change their position with time.
Time and motion coexists. If time does not exist , there would be no change.
If motion does not exist, there need not to be the concept of time.
Therefore, time and motion must coexist because when a body moves, its position changes with time.
A wrist watch has three hands:
A seconds' hand
A minutes' hand
An hours' hand
Which moves round and round on thye dial of the watch.
Now, seconds' hand moves quite fast, so we can observe its movement very easily. But minutes' hand and hours' hand move quite slow, so their movement cannot be observed easily. We will have to keep on observing its position for quite some time to find out whether they are moving or not.
This is because when a body moves, its position changes with time.
Based on how the position is changing with respect to time, we can describe the motion of the body.

Answered by Komal Parmar | 20th Nov, 2013, 03:57: PM

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