How is the sex of a child determined in human beings? explain with the chart?

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Expert Answer:

The sex of the child is determined genetically in humans.

Women have a perfect pair of sex chromosomes i.e. XX whereas men have a mismatched pair i.e. XY. All eggs produced will carry the X chromosome. Half of the sperms will carry Y chromosome and the other half will carry X chromosome.

During fertilisation, when the egg fuses with a sperm carrying Y chromosome, a boy will be formed On the other hand, when the egg fuses with a sperm carrying X chromosome, the offspring will be a girl child.


Parents          XX (Female)                                XY(Male)

                          ↓                                                         ↓

Gametes          X                                                    X          Y

Female →


 X X
X XX (female) XX(female)
Y XY (male) XY (male)


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