how is the load in a pulley lifted when in actual it is fixed to the axle which does not move. explain in detail.

Asked by thegreatvashita | 2nd Sep, 2014, 08:50: AM

Expert Answer:

A pulley is a metallic (or wooden) disc with a grooved rim. A string or a rope or a chain is passed around the groove at the rim.The pulley can rotate about an axle passing through its centre. The axle is fixed rigidly to a frame by nails. 
The load is connected to one end of the inextensible string that is wound around the grooved rim of the pulley. And effort is applied to the other free end of the string. As the pulley rotates around about the axle ,  when an effort is applied to the free end of the string in the downward direction it causes the load connected to the other end of the string to move in the upward direction.Thus the load is lifted upwards by applying effort in the downward direction. 


Answered by Jyothi Nair | 2nd Sep, 2014, 10:12: AM