How is the density of a solid (insoluble in water) determined? but if the density of the water is less than that of the substances it sinks i know that but can you explain wheather is it the formula for law of flotation or for the density of the substances. we have different calculations for each substances to know the density,mass or weight of the folowing i know the formulas for weight,mass and to find the density of the folllowing qestions but just to conform please send me the anwer and kindly describe law of flotation and it uses law of flotation.The law of flotation is not only used to calculate the density buut it also have other uses as we know this why is pimosoll line  is in the hull of the ships is it used to calculate density i have heard in the book that it is used to measure density is it true and if i am right i have stated that if the density of the substance is less than that of thesubstance it sinks what is the word that mean. i am looking forward for your reply please reply

Asked by jayakumar.narasimhan | 19th Oct, 2017, 10:32: AM

Expert Answer:

Density of a Solid can be found from the formula 
begin mathsize 12px style Density space equals mass over volume end style
Buoyant force decides whether a body will float, sink or stay at particular depth inside the liquid.
If buoyant force is less than the weight of a body it will sink.
If it is more than the weight of a body, the body will float.
If it is equal than the weight of the body it will float inside the liquid at a particular depth.
Buoyant force is given by formula
= density x acceleration due gravity x volume of liquid
Plimsoll line is used for safety precaution of the ship.
It tells maximum depth up to which the ship can be loaded safely with goods

Answered by Gajendra | 5th Dec, 2017, 07:11: PM

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