How is rayon made?why is it called artificial silk?list it's important properties and uses.(long answer question)

Asked by bunnyrahul66 | 18th Apr, 2019, 09:01: PM

Expert Answer:


It is a man-made fibre prepared from a natural raw material called the cellulose, by chemical treatment.

The cellulose required for making rayon is obtained from the wood pulp.

So, rayon is obtained by the chemical treatment of wood pulp.

Threads are prepared from it with the help of machines. These threads have shine and strength, and they are known as ‘synthetic or artificial silk’.

Uses of Rayon:
a. In the medical field for making bandages and surgical dressings.

b. In making bed sheets, curtains, blankets etc.

c. In the textile industry for making sarees , dresses etc.

d. Used to make carpets

Answered by Ramandeep | 19th Apr, 2019, 10:33: AM