How is prudential set of reasons different from moral set of reasons? (5 marks)

Asked by Sthitaprajna Mishra | 30th Aug, 2014, 03:32: PM

Expert Answer:

A country is generally inhabited by people belonging to diverse regions, religions, castes and class. Power sharing is one of the best ways in which a democratic country can function.

When power is shared among many social groups, it helps in the minimizing of social conflicts. It is expected that the rule of majority with some concessions given to the minority communities can help in politically stabilising the country. This is called the prudential power sharing. However, people fail to realise that in longer run imposing the will and decisions of the majority communities may undermine the unity and integrity of the country.

When people and the government of the country realise that the feelings and interests of all the communities of the nation should be respected and taken into account is known as moral power sharing. This kind of power sharing unifies the country and establishes harmony among various communities of the nation. This is because the majority community does not dominate and the interest of every community is taken into account.

Therefore, we find that while in the prudential power sharing people stress on the better outcomes and the domination of the majority may prevail, the moral power sharing emphasise on basic values which take into consideration the opinion of each section of society.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 31st Aug, 2014, 01:42: PM

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