how is economic development linked to environmental conservation? explain.(3 marks)

Asked by Rida Mukadam | 1st Mar, 2015, 11:57: AM

Expert Answer:

  • The environment provides us with resources such as water, air and soil, which can be used for economic development.
  • If the environment is not conserved, the country might face economic problems and more money would be required to sustain life, thereby hindering economic progress of the nation.
  • Conservation of the environment can help in mitigating the expenditures on flood relief and epidemics. The money thus saved can be used for some other purposes.


  • Water resources can be made available to the people through the construction of dams.
  • Dams are constructed across rivers to regulate the flow of water.
  • The large reservoir of a dam stores a huge amount of water.
  • The stored water is allowed to flow downstream at the desired rate.
  • Economic problems are faced because the construction of dams involves the spending of large amounts of public money without generating proportionate funds.
  • Construction of dams leads to several environmental problems such as deforestation and loss of biodiversity as large areas of forest land get submerged in water leading to an ecological imbalance.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 2nd Mar, 2015, 11:39: AM