how is charcoal produced ??

Asked by SREEHARI VINAYAKUMAR | 19th Apr, 2012, 08:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Charcoal literally goes through a trial-by-fire process, which makes it, in turn, a substance that can be burned to deliver steady, reliable, and long-lasting heat. There are three basic stages to the charcoal making process: charring, shaping, and bagging.

In the first stage, wood, bones, or other carbon-rich materials are dried and then subjected to extreme heat, around 840° - 950° F (450° - 510° C). This is accomplished by placing the materials either in a klin or a continuously-fed furnace called a “retort.”

The second step in making charcoal is shaping it. The most common charcoal shape is some form of briquette. To make these, the char is mixed with other ingredients, such as starch binder like wheat. The mixture is then dropped into a press that cuts it into standard briquette shapes. These briquettes then go through a dryer. Charcoal is sometimes also extruded into larger, log-like shapes.

After charcoal is shaped and cooled, the briquettes are bagged and sent off to store shelves, industrial plants, and other destinations.


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