how is balancing equation done iwant a easy method

Asked by naveen.mohandas | 23rd Jun, 2009, 04:20: PM

Expert Answer:

The easy way is to write down the number of elements of each type on either side of equation. Convert the equation in a simple elemental form as given below.

eg. C3H8 + O2 ---> CO2 + H2O      can be written as C3H8 + O ---> CO2 + H2O  

start balancing from the molecule with maximum number of atoms. In case this is not working, start balancing the atom which appears least number of times. Atoms of elementary gases are balanced last. Finally convert the equation in molecular form again.

C3H8 + O ---> 3CO2 + H2O  

C3H8 + O ---> 3CO2 + 4H2O  

C3H8 + 10 O ---> 3CO2 + 4H2O  

C3H8 + 5O2 ---> 3CO2 + 4H2O  

Answered by  | 27th Jun, 2009, 10:42: AM

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