how is a 1 molal aqueous solution of sulphuric acid is more concentrated then 1 molar solution how/

Asked by  | 15th Jun, 2008, 10:50: AM

Expert Answer:

Taking density of water to be 1 g/cc..Let volume of H2SO4 be x and of water be y.

For 1 molal solution:

nH2SO4/wH2O = 1




For 1 molar Solution:

nH2SO4/(1+x) = 1


nH2SO4 = Vsoln= 1+x   (x <1 because it is a solution of sulphuric acid in water and volume of solute is usually taken to be less then volume of solvent)

Hence number of moles are higher in former case.Hence it is more concentrated in terms of no. of moles.


Answered by  | 20th Jun, 2008, 08:24: PM

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