how hitler became the ruler of germany?

Asked by Amanjot | 24th Jul, 2016, 08:53: AM

Expert Answer:

Hitler was shattered by the German defeat in the First World War. He joined the German Workers Party. Later, he became the leader of the party and renamed it the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party. This party came to be known as the Nazi Party. Hitler was an excellent orator. His speeches moved the people. He promised employment, economic recovery of Germany, to undo the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles and to restore the dignity of the German people. He devised a new style of politics to capture the imagination of the German public. Massive rallies and public meetings were held by the Nazis to display the strength of the party. Nazi propaganda also skilfully projected Hitler as a messiah who could deliver people from their distress. He captured the imagination of the Germans. In the elections in 1932, the Nazi won 37 percent of votes and it became the single largest party. Hitler demanded the right to become the Chancellor, but this was turned down by the President and von Papen was made the Chancellor instead. But he did not command majority in the Reichstag, and had to soon step down. After von Schleicher also steeped down from the Chancellorship, In January 1933, President Hindenburg offered the Chancellorship to Hitler. After assuming power, Hitler demolished the pillars of democracy. He suspended civil rights such as the freedom of speech/press and the freedom to assemble.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 25th Jul, 2016, 09:52: AM

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