how have the formulae come for moment of inertia of these rigid bodies??

Asked by c08ge72256 | 22nd Dec, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

for example, take  a disc of mass M and radius R.
take a small circular portiopn on the disc of width dx  at a distance  x from the centre.
mass per unit area of the disc is constant through out.
the mass of the is part=(M/pi R2)area of the  small part
=(M/pi R2)2 pi x dx
moment of inertia of this part=((M/pi R2)2 pi x dx)x2
moment of inertia of the disc=?(M/pi R2)2 pi x3 dx
                                        put limit from 0 to R

Answered by  | 23rd Dec, 2011, 09:51: AM

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