How gravitational force is used widely in our everyday life? 

Asked by kailashdanrav | 8th Jun, 2017, 10:30: AM

Expert Answer:

The attraction of objects towards the earth is known as the force of gravity. The force of gravity acts on all objects. Every object in the universe, whether small or large, exerts a force on every other object; thus, this force is known as a gravitational force.
Some examples of the force of gravity in our everyday life include:
- Causes a ball thrown up in the air to come down again.
- Causes your drink to rest in the bottom of your glass instead of hovering near the top of your glass. 
- Rain falls down to the Earth.
- Causes a piece of paper that is blowing in the wind to eventually come back down to Earth.
- Causes a glass you drop to fall down to the floor. 

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 8th Jun, 2017, 05:07: PM