how does the reactivity of elements change while going down a group and moving from left to right across a period?

Asked by ananya96 | 10th Mar, 2012, 03:29: PM

Expert Answer:

It is the valence electrons which cause chemical reactivity.
All of the elements in Group 1 have one valence electron; Group 2, two valence electrons; Group 13, three valence electrons; Group 14, four valence electrons; Group 15, five valence electrons; Group 16, six valence electrons; Group 17, seven valence electrons; and Group 18, eight valence electrons, except for helium, which has two.
As we move from left to right the chemical stability of elements increases .
Chemical reactivity increases while going from top to bottom in a group for metallic groups. For non-metallic groups, the chemical reactivity decreases while going from top to bottom.

Answered by  | 12th Mar, 2012, 11:57: AM

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