How does sulphur has atomicity 8, when its valence electrons are 6 like oxygen- ie even 2 sulphur atoms can share a pair of electorns and acheive the octet rule,why it should involve 8 atoms

Asked by sripriyagemini | 30th Oct, 2014, 05:56: PM

Expert Answer:

Atomicity is defined as the number of atoms in a molecule of that element.

For example: Oxygen molecule consists of two atoms of oxygen chemically bonded to each other.

So the atomicity of oxygen is 2 and therefore it is a diatomic gas.

Some solid elements like phosphorus and sulphur have more than two atoms in their molecules.

For example: Phosphorus exists as P4 molecules.

Each phosphorus molecule consists of four atoms of phosphorus. So its atomicity is 4 and is tetra-atomic.

Sulphur molecules consist of eight atoms per molecule.

Its atomicity is 8 and so it is  polyatomic.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 31st Oct, 2014, 12:11: PM