how does a stationary charged particle placed at the origin, move, when subjected to an electric field E along +x axis and magnetic field B along +z axis?

Asked by sarthak kathuria | 23rd Dec, 2011, 03:37: PM

Expert Answer:

as the charge initially was stationary,so no magnetic force was acting on it. electric force on it was qE along x axis. so the charge starts moving along x axis. as it starts moving magnetic force acts on it. as the carge starts moving perpendicular to the magneytic fld . magnetic fld will try to makeit move along circular path. where as the electric fld will try to move it along x axis.
as a result of them the particle will move: the final path will depend on the charge , electric fld and the value of magnetic fld.

Answered by  | 26th Dec, 2011, 10:35: AM

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