square root of 3 plus 2 square root of 2 space end root space t h e space w h o l e space r o o t 
how do you do a sum  having root inside a root ?

Asked by meghanavincent25 | 23rd Jun, 2017, 09:10: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style Hi space Student comma

It space would space be space good space if space you space would space give space me space straight a space sum space like space that. space But space its space alright.
Suppose space in space this space case space you space have comma
square root of 3 plus 2 square root of 2 end root equals straight x space left parenthesis say right parenthesis
The space best space would space be space to space square space both space sides. space That space would space help space get space rid space of space the space roots space and space
simplify space the space problem.
end style

Answered by Rebecca | 23rd Jun, 2017, 09:50: PM