how do we know that some entity is form of energy?explain in detail  

Asked by abinash.gupta003 | 13th Mar, 2017, 03:20: PM

Expert Answer:

  • An entity may be a fundamental particle or an entire system based on your frame of reference.
  • In terms of energy, anything that has a capability to perform work (displacement of a body or a system due to an applied force) is termed to possess energy.
  • Now it is imperative to remember the law of conservation of energy, it states that energy can neither be created not it can be destroyed, it can just be converted from one form to another form of energy.
  • Therefore, if an entity has a capacity to do work and/or if it is convertible to various other forms, then it shall be termed as energy.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 14th Mar, 2017, 12:06: PM