how do transpiratation takes place

Asked by suvarna7rkar | 4th Jul, 2021, 05:07: PM

Expert Answer:

When the plant opens its stomata to let in carbon dioxide, water on the surface of the cells of the spongy mesophyll and palisade mesophyllevaporates and diffuses out of the leaf. This process is called transpirationWater is drawn from the cells in the xylem to replace that which has been lost from the leaves. Water molecules inside the xylem cells are strongly attracted to each other. There is strong cohesion between the molecules because of hydrogen bonding. A continuous column of water is therefore pulled up the stem in the transpiration stream by evaporation from the leaves. As water travels through the xylem in the stem and leaf, it is being replaced by water taken up by the roots.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 6th Jul, 2021, 12:42: PM