how do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals

Asked by  | 21st Jan, 2009, 10:06: PM

Expert Answer:

Poriferans show cellular grade of organisation whereas coelenterates show tissue grade of organisation.

Poriferans show numerous pores called ostia which are absent in coelenterates.

Mouth is absent in poriferans but present in coelenterates.

Coelenteron is present in coelenterates but absent in poriferans.

Skeleton shows spicules in porifera which are not seen in coelenterates. In several coelenterates a hard exoskeleton is present

Coelenterates possess cnidoblasts bearing stinging cell organelles called neamatocysts. These are absent in poriferans.

Polymorphism is seen in coelenterates but not in poriferans.


Answered by  | 22nd Jan, 2009, 04:48: PM

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