how do penguins survive in harshly cold condition ?

Asked by RAJASEE BHATTACHARYA | 6th Sep, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Penguins have developed a thick fatty layer of skin, which helps them withstand icy temperatures. It also acts as store food during the times when food is scarce, or when they are nesting. This fat layer keeps them warm while they are swimming, and is very similar to the blubber found in whales and seals.

On land, a penguin will fluff its feathers slightly away from its body to create a smallpocket of air. This pocket insulates the penguin and warms it by preserving some of its body heat, which would otherwise be lost.

Penguins have also been shown to purposely drop their own metabolism and body temperature. This saves energy which helps them to survive.

Penguins "huddle" when temperatures are particularly low, or when food is very scarce. This is done to block wind and also to share body heat. This also helps them survive in cold places. All these adaptations make the penguin the most successful bird in polar regions.

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