How could u relate 'communist movement' with 'vietnamese nationalism'? Explain in five points 

Asked by Rida Mukadam | 6th Mar, 2015, 11:29: PM

Expert Answer:

Communist movement is related with Vietnamese nationalism in the following ways:

  1. The Great Depression of 1939 had a disastrous economic impact on most of the European nations. Effects of the depression were felt by the Vietnamese too. As the prices of rubber and rice fell, unemployment and poverty increased. This led to revolts in many parts of Vietnam like in the provinces of Nge An and Ha Tinh. Ho Chin Minh brought many nationalist groups together to form the Indo Chinese Communist Party.
  2. When the Japanese troops also invaded Vietnam, the Vietnamese had to fight the Japanese along with the French forces also. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam was formed and Ho Chin Minh, the nationalist leader of Vietnam became the chairman of the Party.
  3. The Vietnamese forces defeated the French in the year 1954. Vietnam was divided into two countries. While the north Vietnam was occupied by the Communists under Ho Chin Minh, south Vietnam was occupied by Bao Dai.
  4. The regime of Bao Dai was overthrown by Ngo Dinh Diem. His rule was repressive and hence the NLF (National Liberation Front) was formed to fight the autocratic regime of Ngo Dinh Diem. This turned into a nationalist movement which was supported by Ho Chin Minh as they supported the unification of the country.
  5. As NLF and Ho Chin Minh were gain popularity in Vietnam, the US was watching the events in Vietnam with nervousness as it did not wanted Vietnam to become a communist nation. It thus entered into Vietnam and brutally began to suppress the nationalists and the communists.  The Vietnamese under the leadership of Ho Chin Minh united themseleves against the American forces to finally drive them out of the country.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 8th Mar, 2015, 12:25: AM

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