how can you take care of your eyes?

Asked by moumitad72 | 19th Nov, 2014, 12:30: AM

Expert Answer:

We can take care of our eyes by taking the following precautions:


  1. Eyes must not be exposed to dust and smoke because they cause irritation.
  2. One must avoid reading in dim light.
  3. We must not look at the sun directly as strong rays damage the sensitive cells of the eyes.
  4. We must avoid watching television for long hours, and breaks must be taken at regular intervals when working on the computer.


  1. The eyes must be cleaned with cold water in the morning.
  2. Reading materials should be kept at a distance of 25–30 cm from the eyes, because it produces less strain on the eyes.
  3. One must also wear glares to avoid the harsh sunlight falling directly into the eyes.
  4. Moving your eye balls side to side and up and down is a good exercise for the eye muscles.
  5. One can prevent eye diseases such as conjunctivitis by avoiding personal contact with patients and not using their articles.
  6. Include vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, carrot and tomatoes in the diet because they are rich in Vitamin A. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause night blindness.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 19th Nov, 2014, 11:46: AM