how can you show that CO2 is produced during respiration?IS the process same in both animals and pl

Asked by mehaksaini | 30th Jun, 2009, 01:39: PM

Expert Answer:

Take some amount of freshly prepared lime water in a test tube. Dip a pipe or straw into the lime water present in the test tube and blow air through it.


After blowing air a few times, observe the change in lime water. You will find that lime water turns milky.

This is because lime water is nothing but calcium hydroxide. When this reacts with carbon dioxide, we get calcium carbonate and water. This white ppt of calcium carbonate gives the milky white appearance of the solution. 


From this experiment, we can conclude that carbon dioxide is released in the exhaled air.Both plants and animals carry out the process of respiration. 

Answered by  | 30th Jun, 2009, 11:09: PM

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