how can you prove that the 19th century struggle for democracy often centered around the political equality, freedom and citizens

Asked by Petulla Mishra | 17th Jun, 2015, 08:06: AM

Expert Answer:

Although by the 19th century. many countries had become democratic in terms of governance, some countries still did not extend voting rights to all its citizens. In countries like Britain and USA, voting rights were a privilege enjoyed by the propertied male population. In Britain, women could not vote in the 19th century whreas in USA, the blacks could not exercise their voting rights as late as 1965. Therefore, those struggling for democracy stressed on the importance of unqualified equality and freedom of citizens in all spheres of public life. Campaigns were launched for extending the right to vote to all citizens, regardless of gender, race or class. This was essentially a demand for 'Universal Adult Franchise' or 'Universal Suffrage'. Hence, one can say that the various democratic struggles in the 19th century and later centred around political equality and freedom of citizens.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 17th Jun, 2015, 02:09: PM

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