how can we show an electrovalent bonding of magnesium hydroxide

Asked by Shagun Rastogi | 5th Jun, 2014, 11:43: AM

Expert Answer:

  • Magnesium hydroxide is an ionic solid with formula Mg (OH)2.
  • It is an ionic compound beacuse it is made of magnesium cation (Mg+2) and two hydroxide anions (OH-).
  • It's ionic nature can be proved by the fact that it dissociates in aqueous solution (the small part of magnesium hydroxide which dissolves in water) to form Mg+ and hydroxyl ion (OH-).

Mg (OH)2------> Mg+2 + 2OH-

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 9th Jun, 2014, 12:15: PM