How can we easily remember the Naming of carbon compond

Asked by 9886761796hmh | 17th Oct, 2019, 08:10: PM

Expert Answer:

There is need to remeber name of Carbon compounds. Naming of compounds are done by certain rules of IUPAC.
For naming we use prefix+Root word+suffix
Root word                                    suffix
For 1 carbon-Meth                     For alkane- ane
For 2 carbon -Eth                      For alkene-ene                                           
For 3 carbon-prop                     For alkyhne-yne                                          
For 5 carbon-Pent                      For alcohol-Ol
For 6 carbon-Hex
For 7 carbon-Hept
For 8 carbon-Oct
For 9 carbon-Non
For 10 carbon-Dec

Answered by Ravi | 18th Oct, 2019, 05:22: PM