how can we distinguish between the iso-alkyl alcohol and sec-alkyl acohol?

Asked by Ridika Acharya | 12th Jul, 2013, 09:51: PM

Expert Answer:

The iso structural unit consists of two methyl groups attached to a common carbon.
eg -  CH3-CH(OH)-CH3
  A  secondary carbon is one attached to two other carbons.
eg -  CH3-CH(OH)-CH2-CH3
 If the chain is branched then the alkyl chain gets the name according to the chain. Such branched alkyl chains can be iso alkyl  chains.
If the unshared electron is there not on the terminal carbon atom but on the middle carbon atoms which has already an alkyl group, the carbon atom is called secondary carbon atom (CH) and the radical is termed as sec-alkyl radical

Answered by  | 15th Jul, 2013, 12:05: AM

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