How can we compare different nation Or States explain

Asked by skchhotu570 | 20th Mar, 2021, 08:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Compare different countries or states

To determine whether the country is developed or underdeveloped, one needs to consider the characteristics of a country. Consider income as one of the important attributes to compare countries. If a country has a higher income level than other countries, then it is said to be a well-developed country. Therefore, the average income or the per capita income of a country is measured to compare the developmental status of different nations. For example, countries with per capita income of Rs 4,53,000 per annum and above in 2004 are called high-income countries, and countries with per capita income of Rs 37,000 or less are called low-income countries.

However, health indices, life expectancy, sex ratio and education levels are also considered as important parameters to compare states/countries. 

Answered by Social Science Expert | 22nd Mar, 2021, 08:25: PM