how can unsaturated compounds be converted into the saturated ones?

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Unsaturated hydrocarbons can be converted into saturated ones by the addittion of hydrogen in the presence of nickel as a catalyst

Unsaturated hydrocarbons are more reactive due to presence of double or triple bonds. They undergo addition reactions across the carbon-carbon double bonds to produce saturated hydrocarbons.

Addition of hydrogen across C-C double bonds is called hydrogenation. Unsaturated hydrocarbons add hydrogen in the presence of catalysts such as nickel/palladium to give saturated hydrocarbons.




For example:

CH3CH=CH2 + H2 --> CH3CH2CH3
Industrial application of addition reactions: Hydrogenation of vegetable oils


Vegetable oils used for cooking are long unsaturated hydrocarbons which are healthy. Whereas animal fats such as vanaspati are saturated hydrocarbons and unhealthy for consumption. It can solidify and block the arteries of the heart.

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