how can the de broglie relation be derived?

Asked by adityalearn28 | 21st Jul, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

de broglie hypothesis states that every material particle posses dual character ie.
particle and wave character.
In case of a photon it is assumed to have wave character so its energy is given by
   E=hv                           (1)
v= frequency of wave
h= Planck's constant
If the photon is supposede to have particle character then its energy is given by
    E=mc2                               (2)
From equation (1) and (2)
(v=c/wave length of light)
therefore h*c/wavelenght= mc2
wavelength= h/mc
           or wavelength=h/m* velocity of particle
significance of this equation is that it relates particle characterr with thw wave character of matter.

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