how can i make a model to demonstrate ohm's law? plz help i have to complete my school project

Asked by Tanishq Aggarwal | 24th Jun, 2013, 09:40: PM

Expert Answer:

A battery, a potentiometer (pot) and a multimeter (DMM) with current measuring capability will do the trick. Include a switch if you want to.

Your setup is simple. Hook up the battery, pot (which is a variable resistor) and DMM (in ammeter mode) in series. Tweak the pot and watch the current go up and down. Be prepared to make some calculations as a battery and a pot, say a 5k or 10k component, will not allow a lot of current. You'll be working in milliamperes, or milliamps (mA). You don't want an experiment with lots of current because you'll have problems with making your battery last and avoiding a situation where your resistance is so low that the battery cannot maintain its rated voltage because you're drawing too much current out of it.

Answered by  | 25th Jun, 2013, 08:26: AM

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