how can I give best explanation of cell in 2 min

Asked by vismadhu682005 | 17th Sep, 2020, 05:52: PM

Expert Answer:

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The human body is composed of trillions of cells. The cell is the strutural and functional unit of life. Within cells, the cytoplasm is made up of a jelly-like fluid (called the cytosol) and other structures that surround the nucleus. The main cell organelles in a cell are nucleus, mitochondria, plastids (plant cell), Golgi apparatus, ribosomes, vacuoles, endoplasmic reticulum. Cells can be unicellular consisting of a single cell or multicellular consisting of more than one cell. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 21st Sep, 2020, 11:34: AM