How Atomic Spectra is differ from spectrum of White light?

Asked by Prafull Tiwary | 30th Jul, 2015, 07:43: PM

Expert Answer:

White spectra is a continuous spectra becasue, there is no separation line between all these seven colours.
Atmic spectrum is of two types:
1) Atomic continuous spectrum: It is same as white spectrum.
2) Atomic discontinuous spectrum:
This type of spectrum is divided in certain number of segments.
They can be classified as follows:
a) Atomic line spectrum:
Generally line spectrum are shown by the atoms in gaseous or vapor state. Since each electron can show various transitions between different energy levels, therefore there are many lines for one electron system.
b) Atomic band spectrum:
Such type of atomic spectrum is shown by the substance if it is present in a liquid state while in a solution; such spectrums are given off if the substance is present in its molecular state. Therefore, they are also called as molecular spectrum. In this type of spectrum a group of bands are observed for certain frequency and wave number.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 2nd Aug, 2015, 01:34: PM