How are limbs formed?


Asked by mihirg126 | 3rd Jul, 2019, 10:40: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Limb formation in vertebrates is an area of active research in both developmental and evolutionary biology. This work focusses more on the transition from fin to limb.
  • Limb formation involves a series of complex cell to cell and tissue to tissue interactions.
  • It begins in the morphogenetic limb field and results from a series of epithelial-mesenchymal inductions between the mesenchymal cells of the lateral plate mesoderm and the overlying ectodermal cells.
  • Cells from the lateral plate mesoderm and the myotome migrate to the limb field and proliferate to the point that they cause the ectoderm above to bulge out, forming the limb bud.
  • The lateral plate cells produce the cartilaginous and skeletal portions of the limb while the myotome cells produce the muscle components.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 4th Jul, 2019, 11:05: AM