How and when did the partition of Bengal take place 


Asked by shivanideshmukh30 | 23rd Feb, 2020, 09:44: AM

Expert Answer:

The province of Bengal was partitioned into East and West bengal by Lord Curzon in 1905.
  • West Bengal included the provinces of ‘Bengal’ incorporating present day West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha. Calcutta was declared as the capital city.
  • East Bengal included the provinces of ‘Eastern Bengal and Assam’ which consisted of the eastern districts of Bengal and Assam.
What was most disturbing was that while West Bengal had Hindus in majority, Muslims were in majority in East Bengal. It was an attempt by the British to divide Bengal on communal lines.

Answered by Shubhali Kulshrestha | 23rd Feb, 2020, 06:07: PM

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