hi i am mishthi 

i want to learn the formulas can u plz help me?


Asked by sonalarora603 | 11th Jul, 2021, 01:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Chemical Formula

                It is the representation of a substance by means of symbols. It denotes the number of atoms of each element present in a compound.




No. of atoms of each element present

Chemical formula

Sodium chloride

Na [sodium],

Cl [chloride]

1 atom of Na,

1 atom of Cl



  • Method of writing the chemical formula

    To write a chemical formula, you should know

1)    Symbol of the element/radical

2)    Valency of the element/radical

  • Step I    - Write each symbol with its valency
  • Step II   - Interchange the valencies
  • Step III  - Write the interchanged number and the formula

Answered by Ramandeep | 20th Jul, 2021, 09:37: PM