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Asked by patshubhangi | 2nd Mar, 2011, 04:12: AM

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Dear Student,
Here is the solution:
AP=13 cm
BP=3 cm
Therfore AB=10cm
Given MN bisects AB
Let MN bisect AB at E.
Therefore, AE = EB = 5cm
Also, In triangles AEM and AEN
angle AEM=angle AEN =90
Therefore ME = NE =x(say).........(i)
Now in triangle AEM
AM2 = ME2+AE2
132 = x2+52
x2= 132-52
x2= 144
from (i)
ME = EN=x
or MN = x+x
MN=24 cm
Team Topperlearning

Answered by  | 5th Mar, 2011, 06:09: PM

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