Help me to solve..

Asked by nitishkrnehu09 | 9th Dec, 2017, 01:20: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style for space straight a space right space angled space triangle space two space vertices space are space at space the space end space of space diameter
and space one space on space the space circle
out space of space 20 space points space there space are space 10 space such space that space they space form space end space pt space of space diameter
selecting space one space out space of space 10 space in space 10 space ways space
selecting space 1 space point space from space 18 space in space straight C presuperscript 18 subscript 1
so space probability equals fraction numerator straight C presuperscript 18 subscript 1 cross times 10 over denominator straight C presuperscript 20 subscript 3 end fraction end style

Answered by Arun | 17th Dec, 2017, 06:35: PM