Hello ! what things i should keep in mind while framing sentences and writing answers  , i make many gramatical mistakes , please help  me .

Asked by Sanchit Sharma | 25th Feb, 2015, 04:47: PM

Expert Answer:

Hi Sanchit, 
I hope the tips given during the live chat yesterday were useful to you. I have mentioned the same points below for your reference.
In brief,
  • The subject of your sentence should agree in number and gender with the verb.
  • Use articles (a,an,the) correctly.
  • Use punctuations correctly.
  • Do not misspell words.
  • Use apostrophes correctly.

Practise writing and get it corrected by someone (your teacher/parents/siblings) who will show you the mistakes and how to rectify them. 

Please feel free to send us a few of your writing samples so that we can tell you where you are making mistakes and how you can correct them.

Happy Studying!


Answered by Snehal Naik | 26th Feb, 2015, 09:42: AM

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