Hello teacher,
I really want to know......how do I prepare , so that I get a perfect 100 in maths cbse board exam 2018
It's a well known fact that maths paper is not always from the prescribed NCERT textbook and we most probably get questions from other reference books..So after analysis of the previous year question papers, may I know where exactly are the questions from,and what all should I read so that I get a perfect 100
Please guide me so as to how can I get a perfect 100 ...

Asked by Ginni2k | 26th Mar, 2017, 02:12: AM

Expert Answer:

Hi Ginni,
You have posted this query for Maths in the Science Section. Next time be careful. I guess you are new so you are not familiar with this. The Maths query should be posted in the Maths section alright.
Coming to your query. I am really glad that you have such spirit before your XIIth journey begins. You will surely do well.
Regarding Maths, it is true that NCERT books are not enough. I suggest you refer to RD Sharma too. That is one of the best books that would surely help you score out of.
It is good that you have asked before you start your journey. Most students plan out pretty late which does not help much.
First go on the topperlearning site. Check you the Syllabus. 
Here is the link.
You can see that Calculus has the highest weightage. So you should concentrate on that alot.
Then you can procced with Vector and Three Dimensional. And alongside do the remaining units.
Clear all your concepts from now on only while you study and this will make your concepts very strong by the time 2018 board exam comes around.
I recommend that you practise RD Sharma very well and you will surely get 100. I am certain about that. All the best. Keep up the spirit. 
If you have any other doubts, do let us know. Its a pleasure to help you.
PS: I also wanted to tell you that once you are done with your portion which would probably be in November or so, please practise all the previous six years board papers. It would really help.

Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 26th Mar, 2017, 11:19: AM