Hello sir, why calculation of radius ratio is required.how to calculate.Sir,please explain it.

Asked by kanak pandey | 14th May, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

radius ratio plays an important role in determining the structures of ionic solids and coordination number of ions. For eg.
 For cations trp occupy tetrahedral voids radius ratio has range = 0.225 - 0.414, coordination no. = 4.
For cations to occupy octahedral voids radius ratio has range = 0.414 - 0.732, coordination no. = 6.
 If  radius ratio is more then 0.225 cation will occupy trigonal void, coordinatiion no. = 3
If radius ratio is mora than 0.732 catioj will occupy cubic vopid, coordinatiion no. = 8.
 Radius ratio = Radius of cation/Radius of anion.
                   = r+/r-

Answered by  | 16th May, 2011, 10:21: AM

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