Hello sir/ madam....my annual exams are just within few days ,I was worried about history as I was not perfect in it

Could you please give me some important questions from first four lessons of history

I mean upto forest society and colonialism

Please help to score good marks in my annual exam ......


Asked by honeyvardhan1234 | 16th Feb, 2020, 08:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Please visit the below link for accessing most important questions in CBSE, grade 9 Social Science:
Some most important questions in chapter 3 and 4 are:
1. What is Nazi ideology?
2. Mention any three inherent defects of the Weimar constitution?
3. The personality of Hitler played a big role in wining him the support of the Germans. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer. 
4. Describe three economic reforms carried out by Hitler in Germany.      
5. Explain main principles of Hitler’s foreign policy?
6. Do you agree that the Nazis used media and language with care and often with great effect? Give reasons in support of your answer.
7. How did Hitler use the ideologies of Darwin and Herbert Spencer to promote the Nazi ideologies?
8. Explain any five causes for the rise of Nazism.
9. What was Hitler’s policy towards the youth?
10. What was the Nazi culture of motherhood?      
Forest Society and Colonialism
1. Define scientific forestry. 
2. How the spread of railways led to the decline of forests between 1850s and 1920s?        
3. Mention three restrictions imposed by the Dutch on the forest communities of Java. 
4. Discuss new developments that have taken place in Asian and African forest programmes since 1980s.      
5. Describe the rebellion of the people of Bastar against British colonial policies. 
6. Discuss how changes in forest management during the colonial period affected the nomadic tribes and peasants in India. 
7. Has the scientific forestry successful in conservation of forests? Give reasons. 
All the Best for your Exams.

Answered by Shubhali Kulshrestha | 17th Feb, 2020, 08:51: AM

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