Hello Sir, Can you please guide me to use logarithm, antilogarithm, natural sines, natural tangents table and solve problem by using these tables.

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Expert Answer:

Log can be calculated as follows , such as if we need to calculate log 200 , the see for the verical column and search for 20 then the value below 0 is to be noted which is 3010 , now since there are three digits in the question so subtract 1 from the number of digits and the value becomes 3-1 = 2 , so we get log200 = 2.3010 .

Now lets see antilog of 2.6992 .

The number before the decimal point is 2, so the decimal point will be after the first 3 digits.

From the antilog table, read off the row for .69 and column of 9; the number given in the table is 5000. The mean difference in the same row and under the column 2 is 2. To get the inverse of mantissa add 5000 + 2 = 5002.

Now place a decimal point after the first 3 digits and you get the number 500.2

Thus antilog 2.6992 = 500.2

Tangents and cosine table are easy to use , 

How To Use:

  • If you need to find the value of Sin 10.5°
  • Find the row with x = 10
  • Find the column 5, the number inside the cell is .182236
  • The result is 0.182236

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