Hello mam!How are you? I am asking a querie from the subject geography.My querie is Why is pluto  considered as a dwarf planet?Please answer my querie.

Asked by klrnch | 7th Jun, 2015, 12:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Pluto was discovered in 1930. It is the smallest, coldest and the most distant planet from the Sun. In 1992, astronomers began to discover a large population of small icy objects beyond Neptune which were similar to Pluto not only in orbit but also in size and composition. This belt, known as the Kuiper belt, is believed to be the source of many comets. Astronomers now believe Pluto to be the largest of the known Kuiper belt objects.Another reason for Pluto being stripped of its planethood is that One of the criteria for being classed as a planet is that an object must have “cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit." The Earth’s mass is 1.7 million times the mass of the other objects in its orbit. Unfortunately, Pluto’s mass is only 0.07 times the mass of other orbiting objects. Because of this, on September 13th 2006 Pluto was officially downgraded to a ‘dwarf planet'.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 7th Jun, 2015, 02:34: PM

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